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OISTU GmbH has extensive experience in manufacture and sale of household maintenance products. The company can offer a wide range of different household maintenance products such as fabric softeners, washing gels, laundry detergents or stain removers and many other products. Washing and cleaning products of German quality conform to the highest quality standards of manufacture.

Laundry detergent products are suitable to be used for both hand washing and for any type of a washing machine. Our production will not only remove the stains that are hard to remove, but also will prevent the fabric from discolouration, keep the same texture of the fabric even after washing clothes for many times. Stain removal agents and softeners will leave the garment feeling so soft, smelling so fresh and looking so clean.

Products made by OISTU GmbH company – a good choice for those who appreciate clean environment and quality.


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Excellent products. Good value for money.
I am very pleased with the washing powder of Brixil. It washes clothes very well, a little of powder goes a long way so you will not run out of it very soon. Clothes smell so good after every washing.
Cleaning products of Brixil are now my absolute favourite. Thank you for making my domestic chores much easier to do!